Singer Songwriter: Simon Kempston

am 10.02.2018, von 19:30 bis 21:30 Uhr

Simon Kempston ist »einer der besten Singer Songwriter Schottlands«, schwärmt The Sunday Herald. Seine komplexe Fingertechnik zeigt sowohl seine klassische Ausbildung und ist beeinflußt durch Folk und Blues. Sie wird hervorragend ergänzt durch Simons aussagekräftige Stimme.

An award-winning songwriter and an inspiring, poetic lyricist, Simon’s songs are amongst the most thought-provoking you are likely to hear, often sidestepping the usual themes of love and attraction in favour of offering social commentary and an insight into the everyday lives of people. His love of Celtic landscape coupled with his travels abroad, particularly in Eastern Europe, have also influenced many of his lyrics. Fascinations with architecture and English literature from a young age have further helped in the development of his unique lyrical style.

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Ort Hörsaal Burgstraße 21 Suderburg
Veranstalter Hörsaal in der Musikschule Suderburg
Kategorie Konzerte & Theater
Zeit am 10.02.2018, von 19:30 bis 21:30 Uhr